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木曜日, 7月 20, 2006

Group work

I experienced a group work which did not go well when I was a junior high school student.

An English teacher told the students to make groups and the group activity started. However, some groups didn't understand what they would do. They did not do what the teacher expected. So the activity was not successful.

I think what the teacher should have done was to show the students what they would do in the group activity enough. The teacher might have told it to the students, but students sometimes don't understand the instruction when the teacher tells them only once. So the teacher should make sure whether the groups really understand what they are going to do.

木曜日, 6月 29, 2006

Advice for teacher trainee

Last Thursday, Mr. M came to etm3 and gave us some advice about teaching English at junior high school. It was important and useful to me. Here are advice for teacher trainee based on Mr. M's lecture.

1) There should be variety in class. Students would get bored if teachers teach with monotonous pace. It is important to set varied activities.

2) No Japanese in class. Of course teachers need to speak Japanese in some situations like teaching grammar, but teachers basically should teach with English. It encourages students to speak English in class without hesitation.

3) It is better not to explain too much. The quality of teachers' instructions and explanations is important. Teachers should consider how well they tell and make students move.

日曜日, 6月 11, 2006

Teaching Observation

I observed a 2nd grade class at Diamond Junior High School.

1) What was the goal of the class?

①The students can write English sentences about moai knowing some points to write understandable sentences.

②The students can read information that a writer tries to tell.

③By looking back what the students wrote, they can notice what they should improve and try to do that.

2)What activities did the students do to accomplish the goal?

They practiced some words and phrases about moai and Easter Island and then knew some points of writing a report. The students wrote reports about moai. After that, they read other students' report and told what they noticed about the reports. They rewrote their reports and read them out.

3)What was the role of the teacher?

The teacher mainly helped the students to write reports. He showed some words and phrases about moai and Easter Island and points of writing a report and gave some advice to write a report during the activity of writing.

4)From watching the teacher and students , did you receive any hints about how to have a successful English class?

I think it is good that the teacher showed the students something to know when writing a report. I guess it was aimed to help them write English sentences that readers can understand and get interested in. However, I wonder it was really effective. In the writing activity, I saw what some of the students wrote and then I found that the sentences were almost the same as those in their textbooks. It was hard to find their originality in what they wrote. So I think the advice the teacher made could be more devised.

火曜日, 5月 09, 2006

An analysis of my language learning experience

My most enjoyable language learning experience has been conversation. When I have a conversation with someone in English, I feel glad that what I speak in English makes sense in talking with someone and then I realize English is not only an object of being studied, but for communication.

My least enjoyable language learning experience has been memorization because it is boring and monotonous to me. Everyone has to memorize to some extent in studying foreign languages, so I think memorization which is not deliberate would be better.

My most valuable language learning activity has been grammar rules. I thought studying grammar rules would expand my ability to read and listen to English, so I studied grammar rules actively.

My least valuable language learning activity has been translation. I wonder how effective translation is as training to acquire English. It would be better English is understood directly in thought of English.

In general my language learning experience has been usually reading and writing. I would like to try some activities to improve my communication skills.

I think it is important for students to experience real English. For example, we can have students work on activities with native speakers such as ALTs.

木曜日, 4月 27, 2006

The Story of how I Learned English

I started learning English in a private school near my house when I was sixth grade at elementary school.

The private school put an emphasis on writing and reading. Studying there went like this-reading some sentences on a textbook, checking new words and grammatical points, practicing grammar and reading the sentences again. What I learned in the private school really helped me to get used to studying English in junior high school.

When I was a junior high school student, English became the only subject that I was good at, so I studied hard in order to keep myself being good at English. At that time, I started taking a certificate examination so called Eiken. I got 3rd grade by graduating from junior high school. This was encouragement for me to study English.

I have not studied English more eagerly than when I was a high school student. I had lots of things to do like remembering words, phrases, grammar and idioms. Studying in high school was hard, but my English was so improved.

Now I am studying English with some textbooks for listening because it is a big problem when I take the TOEIC. I frequently watch CNN and ABC news on BS1 (I can hardly understand what they say). I also watch Hollywood movies with Japanese subtitles. I can learn expressions that native speakers use from the movies.
I am enjoying studying English because I can feel that I am making progress little by little.

木曜日, 4月 20, 2006


Hello! I'm Tomo.
I am studying English at Iwate university.