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木曜日, 6月 29, 2006

Advice for teacher trainee

Last Thursday, Mr. M came to etm3 and gave us some advice about teaching English at junior high school. It was important and useful to me. Here are advice for teacher trainee based on Mr. M's lecture.

1) There should be variety in class. Students would get bored if teachers teach with monotonous pace. It is important to set varied activities.

2) No Japanese in class. Of course teachers need to speak Japanese in some situations like teaching grammar, but teachers basically should teach with English. It encourages students to speak English in class without hesitation.

3) It is better not to explain too much. The quality of teachers' instructions and explanations is important. Teachers should consider how well they tell and make students move.


  • At 1:13 午後, Blogger Steve Jang said…

    Hi. I'm an ALT in Iwate prefecture. I understand that a Mr. M came to your class and gave advice on teaching English at junior high school. I would like to ask you a question and also give you some advice as a teacher trainee.

    First, the question. Did Mr. M say anything about giving homework in his lecture? In my experience working at junior high school, the teachers don't seem to assign much homework. Perhaps this is common or not.

    My advice to you as a teacher is to realize that a great deal of language learning should take place outside of class. And one of the easiest ways for teachers to get their students to study and learn outside of class is to assign homework.

    I do admit that my advice comes with a grain of salt. The students are busy with club activities, preparing for exams, and so on and so forth. So maybe they don't have enough time to do homework. That is a problem that teachers must deal with.

    Nevertheless, good luck with your teacher training. And don't forget to do your homework!



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